There are no bad horses;
only untrained riders

Are you happy with your life, but sometimes feel stuck, unmotivated, or even inadequate?

Maybe you’re going through a crisis – burn-out, divorce, grief – and need help finding your north star again?  Perhaps you’re simply looking for inspiration to get to your next level?

You’ve come to the right place.

Social media give us tons of advice on how to feel better and achieve our goals.

We’re told to meditate, introspect, be mindful; keep a journal of tiny daily successes; learn to harness our anger, tune out from our anxiety; not give a f*ck, implement efficient habits, be in the here and now, find our why…

There’s nothing wrong with these approaches per se – they just don’t tell you anything about how to create the motivation to change your specific situation.

They don’t tell you what to do when you feel like a fraud, think you’ll never amount to something, or wake up every morning feeling anxious.

Unless you happen to find a particularly gifted teacher, you risk being left bewildered, frustrated, or feeling irreparably flawed.

Truth is, these ‘symptoms’ simply mean that you are human and have a human brain.

The good news is that there’s nothing to fix, nothing to cure.

You just need to understand how the human brain works, how to make yours support your goals, and how to actually enjoy the ride.

I’ll show you simple, actionable techniques that will profoundly transform your relationship to yourself, to others, and to how you go about achieving your dreams.

A Rider?

Full disclosure: I’ve seldom been around horses and I’m not particularly knowledgeable about riding them.

But I know a thing or two about ‘riding’ my mind.

I find the saying “no bad horses, only untrained riders” perfectly illustrates the skills I’ve developed - and that I will teach you - to ‘jockey’ your mind.

Before becoming a professional coach, I’d heard so many variations on using strong character to turn bad fortune into good results: “play the hand you’re dealt,” “you either win or you learn,” “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” “look for the silver lining,” etc.  

I understood them intellectually, but they didn’t give me a method to face my most confused, overwhelmed, defeated or lost moments.

Then I found the method I was hoping for.
Now I teach my clients the know-how to create insight, purpose, and powerful action in any situation.

Your circumstances, your past, your character might feel like you’ve got nothing but an old mule to ride.

With my help, you will soon teach that ‘mule’ to do amazing things for you – grander things than a thoroughbred in the hands of a lesser rider.

You will have tapped into its natural talents and refined and expressed them to a level you didn’t know was even possible.

It will blow your mind!

What my clients say


Account Manager

Working with Mélanie helped me to change my perspective and to find my focus again. It allowed me to find a fantastic job!

I was laid off from work suddenly and found myself lost and confused about what I should try to pursue next career wise. Mélanie's way of coaching is very pedagogical with many brilliant analogies that help with seeing the other side of the coin and the bigger picture. She is very genuine and truly interested in helping. Mélanie gave me different tools to work on decision making, getting rid of confusion and building self confidence. I’m so thankful that she really encouraged me to believe in and trust in myself, which I think are the most powerful keys to success. Shifting focus and gaining self confidence allowed me to find a fantastic job that felt like the perfect opportunity for me. Now I’m working with an exciting company and great colleagues, and I feel like I’m definitely in the right place.


Account Manager

Mélanie is an amazing teacher and during every single session I find myself having at least one ‘A-ha!’ moment.

I’ve started a new chapter in my life so for me personally, this means a lot! This gave me an opportunity to learn, to understand, to challenge myself, to express my emotions.


Communications Manager

Mélanie helps you to feel confident and empowered in real-life situations.

The support I received was very thorough and followed up with great coaching. I feel that I learned a lot about myself in quite a short time. Once again, can’t recommend enough!


Communications Manager


New Housing Architect

I would recommend anyone who feels they are not fulfilling their potential to have some sessions with Mélanie.

When I first looked into coaching sessions I was not sure what to expect. What I got from Mélanie was an understanding of why I was feeling the way I did and what has been holding me back. I would recommend anyone who feels they are not fulfilling their potential to have some sessions with Mélanie. She will help you to feel like you can achieve and succeed with your goals no matter what they are.


New Housing Architect

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