You don't feel fulfilled.

You’d like to feel more satisfied with what you’re doing.  You don’t see where you should be in a few years.  You should understand what you want but you don’t.  You have no clue on how to bring about this needed change in your life. Or you know what you want, but it feels like it’s not for you. Perhaps even you think that you don’t deserve it.

I know. I’ve been exactly where you are.

I was a sought-after program manager with an international record of happy customers. After a family crisis that left me broken, soulless and in complete burn-out, I managed to create a brand new life for myself: purposeful, joyful, vibrant, based on deeper energy than I’ve ever felt.

And the best part: it’s now my job to show you how to do that for yourself!

My tools and insights can be applied to anyone, but they will have an extra edge if you recognize yourself in the descriptions that follow.

You're a high performer.

You set the highest standards for yourself. Your boss, colleagues, and clients love your ability to shoulder the toughest challenges and navigate complex circumstances.  You leave everything you touch a little better. Sometimes, MUCH better.  You have many projects going on.  You’re successful in business; you might even be an accomplished athlete and/or a gifted artist as well.

From the outside, your life looks amazing.

Yet you’ve had a hard time lately finding meaning.

You were always the most positive and engaged person around.

But these days you feel a dip in energy. Everything is getting to be a bit too much. You procrastinate on your personal goals.

You’re very self-critical.

Sometimes it overflows and you become critical of other people as well; you only intend to bring out the best from everyone but sometimes you feel that you’re only looking at the negatives.

You’re full of initiative.

You’ve tried implementing several new habits already. But deep down, it feels like something is seriously wrong with you and there’s no fix in sight.

If someone could only point you in the right direction!

You’re hard working and you would so eagerly put your back into it! But no guiding star so far.

When this happened to me, I first tried to power through.I read books, watched Ted talks, implemented new routines.  To no avail.

Then I felt like giving up, and buried my head in a jar of peanut butter for a while. But neither approach made any real difference.

And then, I gave myself the space to think and the tools to figure out how to do it.

What I found out is that there will always be days “without”.

The feelings that weigh us down, the voices in our head that beat us up. That’s just us being human.

The secret isn’t how to get rid of them – that’s impossible.
The secret is to know what to do when they show up.

It’s my job and my life’s mission to help you achieve just that.

My coaching philosophy

I’m trained at The Life Coach School, which specializes in causal coaching.

All the tools I use and will teach you are designed to find and address the root cause of your issues instead of simply treating the symptoms.

To take an analogy, I won’t give you pills that relieve your pain and let you walk a while without limping; I will help you find, set and heal your broken bone.

The same goes for emotional pain: I don’t teach you how to manage it. I teach you how to first reduce then eliminate it by finding its cause.

I will help you understand the why of what you do, not just the how. Because once you understand your mental processes, you won’t require an external source for help and accountability; you will be able to coach yourself.

What does getting support from a life coach mean?

  • You go much faster and see results quicker
  • You implement permanent change
  • You don’t have to do it alone
  • You have expert support to navigate the tough phases of change
  • You get clear on what to do even if you are completely overwhelmed or out of your element
  • You cement your commitment to yourself.

Life coaching will get you to make changes for the better.  
It’s not therapy, it doesn’t focus on the past, and it gives lasting results in only a few sessions.

When to use a coach?

  • When something wonderful has happened
  • When something terrible has happened
  • When nothing happens and you’re stuck
  • When you want something specific to happen
  • When you want something to happen but you don’t know what

How does it work?

  • We will use the most powerful and sophisticated tool there is: your own brain
  • I will teach you how to manage your mind to create the results that you want.
You know that I normally disapprove of eating instead of embracing discomfort, but in this specific case we’ll actually go for cookies...

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