September 1, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

A drop vs. a bucket

I’ve jumped dozens of times out of a plane; I’ve moved to Japan; I got divorced; I had to put a beloved cat to sleep; but NOTHING I’ve ever done felt as difficult as the challenge I’m taking now: to record all of my videos and podcast episodes without a script, from the heart, as naturally as possible.

It’s scary, it’s messy, I hate it, and I’m going to need your support!! Tell me what you think of this first unscripted video.  Is it helpful? Is it boring to tears?

Oh, the joys of getting out of my comfort zone…

(and now I’m going to go lie down for a little while on my sofa with some ice on my forehead, ha ha!!)

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

Download the file:

You know that I normally disapprove of eating instead of embracing discomfort, but in this specific case we’ll actually go for cookies...

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