October 1, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

Highlight the Remarkable

Have you seen the Stabilo “Highlight the Remarkable” print ads campaign?

I love it, I think it’s so clever!

Google it, go ahead. It takes a group picture prominently featuring men, and pinpoints the woman in the background who was key to the invention that’s being celebrated by the photo.

I love that campaign for many reasons, including because it’s a perfect analogy to how you can see fear.

Most unpleasant feelings are just a variation of fear:

- Perfectionism is the fear of failing;

- Contempt is the fear of inadequacy;

- Jealousy is the fear of not being lovable;

- Resentment is the fear of being powerless; etc.

And although the physical sensation of fear sucks big time, fear is amazing.

It acts as a giant Stabilo highlighting exactly what you’re afraid of losing.

Just like those group pictures in the ad, you simply need to learn how to read the background.

Fear is just a hole shaped like what matters most to you: belonging, contributing, connecting, having an impact, building a legacy, growing, learning, exploring…

The WAY you reach that is just a strategy.

If your current tactics don’t work out, you still have ~1,831,269,744 other approaches to try (my rough estimate).

So welcome your fear; it’s just one big Stabilo trying to help you out.

Then ask yourself: if my current strategy was at risk but I knew for a fact that I will eventually reach my goal; what would I try?

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

Download the file:

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