January 11, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

I don’t know about you, but I simply love make-over shows

(Netflix’ Queer Eye being my all-time favorite: yaaaaas Queen!!) What is there not to love?

Over the course of an hour, a poor sod who’s stuck in their career and relationships, has bad hair and a seriously messy house is transformed into an appealing entrepreneur, someone with respectable game and the life prospects of a recent Harvard graduate.

I used to find a lot of comfort in this fairy tale of the godmother who waves her wand, et voilà: all your issues are fixed, you’re going to be happy ever after. And let me throw in a 1,000 dollars haircut to boot.

In real life, change requires a bit more work. But isn’t that a great thing though?

It’s the same difference between having a million that you’ve won in the lottery vs. a million you’ve created with your work. The latter requires a bit more sweat, but it only depends on you – if you lose it, you can re-create it all.

That’s exactly what life coaching gives: the certainty that you can turn around to your advantage whatever circumstance you're in. As the saying goes, the lift to success might be broken, but the stairs are always working.

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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