June 30, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

I see you

You out there who is having a tough time, putting in all the effort and not seeing any results: I know this work is difficult.

You feel alone, even in the midst of your colleagues.  You can't really share what’s troubling you because you’re supposed to be the one who fixes problem, not creates them.  Who inspires others, not requires to be taken care of.

You compare yourself all the time to giants in your area who make it look easy to be disciplined, productive, creative, successful.

You’re spending all these hours at your task yet it feels like you get little produced.  I know that. But look at all you actually do get done, in spite of your low energy.  The dedication. The commitment. The drive todo better, to support in the best way. To adapt to each person and every situation around you. To become a better leader. To contribute more meaningfully. To build something of value.  I see that.  I see you.

Your goal is important and meaningful.  Remind yourself what it’s all about.  Why you chose to do what you do.

It’s going slowly right now, and that’s ok.  Steady does it.  Every day, taking a little step, doing what you can, being nice and supportive to yourself, fixing what you can fix.  I know you can do this.

You ARE doing this.  For yourself.  For your family. For your colleagues.  For your clients.  For your company.  For your community.

Now let’s go and do it. No matter what yesterday was like; No matter what this morning was like; No matter what the last hour was like: you can make it a successful day.

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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