December 21, 2020

Mélanie Boucarut

I used to hate Christmas

Let me explain: Xmas is a time when the whole family comes together, the house is warm and beautifully decorated. We bake and play board games together, children run around in excitement, the tree smells good… I love the Xmas spirit!

Which is why every year, starting around August, I started dreading Xmas. I’m 46 with no children; I thought that for everyone else, the only Xmas grief came from deciding whether we go to his parents or mine on the 25th (you who have a partner and children are hysterical with laughter by now.)

For 4 months every year I agonized over Xmas: shall I go to my parents and feel like a failure? Book a trip in the sun and feel like a failure? Organize a dinner with my friends and feel like a failure?

You start to see the problem.

Then I started managing my mind. I noticed how I was using Xmas as an opportunity to beat myself up instead of noticing the incredible freedom I had. I chilled. I drew my attention away from my pity party and outwards to the wealth of possibilities Xmas entailed, just like in my childhood’s fairytale books…

I love Xmas again. And I love being who I am. If you want to learn how to give yourself this gift for Xmas, just be in touch.

HO HO HO! No bad Santa, only untrained riders 🐴

Download the file:

You know that I normally disapprove of eating instead of embracing discomfort, but in this specific case we’ll actually go for cookies...

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