March 19, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

I’m such a disappointment..

Are you familiar with this lovely thought? Then you know how it goes:

  • you look at your life and compare it with this perfect image of yourself that you have in mind; and realize you’re definitely not where you should be at your age.
  • you wallow in disappointment, self-loathing and despair for a little while. If you’re like me, you buffer a lot to try to push away those nasty feelings. Hello peanut butter, hello Netflix!
  • you get tired of your own bullshit
  • plan what you’re going to do to [get the job / finish the thesis / start the company / lose the weight / get the guy / learn the language / fill in the blank]
  • start doing that for about… 2 days, or 20, or sometimes zero, then go back to old habits
  • and prove your nasty thought right.

I got seriously tired of that. Got coached and learned how to change my thoughts in less time that it took my brain to call me “failure”.

The constructive cycle I started completely overspills joy and successes to every aspect of my life, it’s the famous “gift that keeps on giving”. It’s exciting!!

And now I have the ultimate pleasure: to help my clients achieve the same for their own lives. Get in touch and find out for yourself!

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

Download the file:

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