September 23, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

Lower the threshold

When I want to do something that I’m not looking forward to, like sewing back a button on a shirt, or writing a report about something that’s already done, I always look for ways to make it easier.

I identify the smallest first step, and I make a pact with myself that if I just complete that one step, I’m a total goddess and it’s enough for the day.


Hey, if I can be a goddess for just taking the needle and thread out of my sewing box, or for writing the standard outline I’d like to follow for that report:

I’ll take it! Anytime!

So I go to the cupboard, I open the box, I find the needle and thread, I put it on the table.

I open my computer and I write something like “what it was like / what we wanted / what we achieved / how we did it.”

The brain is a funny little thing: as soon as the sewing gear is on the table, it seems so easy and almost a little enjoyable to sew that button back.  The “good girl” checklist has been activated.  I really want to tick that box, complete the task, put it behind me.

Same for the report: just writing a rough structure makes me curious of how to say this in a smart way, make it useful for the reader…  And what do you know, when I raise my head, it’s 2 hours later and my report is 90% done.

Try this out for yourself.

Lower the threshold.

Separate outlining the plan from fleshing out the plan.

Separate creativity from execution.

Separate deciding what to do from finding out how to do it.

It’s like magic ✨

In my 6-month program that launches on Oct 01, I’ll show you how do this systematically for yourself.  You’ll be productive and efficient like you’ve never dreamed you could be.

The best part? You get to be a goddess (or a god – I’m all for inclusiveness)

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

Download the file:

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