August 27, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

I don't have the potential

If I can’t reach this goal I want it’s because I probably don’t have the needed potential; otherwise I would already be doing it.

I’ve used this excuse so many times… I’ve let go of so many dreams… I’ve let myself down so many times because of that belief… 😉

Don’t make the same mistake!!

The real reason we don’t succeed to reach our goals is actually two reasons:

- One, we don’t take enough action to reach our goal. We try something, it doesn’t work, then we tell ourselves it won’t work and we give up.

- Two, we try something and either the action or its result feels unpleasant, and so we tell ourselves it won’t work and then we give up.

I’d like to offer a different way of looking at the dreams you know you want but haven’t reached yet:

It’s got NOTHING to do with potential.

Because there is no such thing as potential.

This idea of potential is as if we were like a seed, born with the resources and roadmap to become a tree.

It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? We get this pleasant image of a little seed with two baby leaves sprouting out of the earth…

But it’s a completely fixed mindset.

What we are actually capable of is infinite, can go in any which direction, and as humankind has proven over and over again can actually shape new creations that no one had ever envisioned before.

The only limit to our possibilities is our willingness to experience unpleasant emotions.

Think about it. If you were as willing to experience shame, failure, fear and defeat as you are eager to feel excitement, joy, happiness, pride, and flow – what would you dare? What would you try? What result would you create?

Stop thinking about potential.

Start thinking about sensations.

This unpleasant feeling right now in your body? That’s exactly the way the result you want feels like.

Then go do the thing.

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

PS: speaking of doing something that feels unpleasant, on Monday I'll be launching an Instagram channel. I'm terrified, so if you want to see what terrified can do, and how terrified gets better with practice: go and follow me there! My handle there is @melanie_excellentrider

Download the file:

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