September 28, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

Do you know how to pivot?

You know what’s a defining quality of great entrepreneurs? They’re really good at pivoting when things don’t go as they had hoped.


Such a nice word…

Sounds like you’re mounted on ball bearings, doesn’t it? Swiveling effortlessly to face the tide…

The reality of “pivoting” is more like uprooting a plant and putting it in a bigger pot together with better soil.  Ultimately, it will be awesome for the plant and do it a lot of good.

In the moment, it’s a lot of cut-off roots and pinched leaves and panic and pain and feeling out of place.

If you want to make it possible for you to “pivot” (read: lose as few roots as possible) later down the line, you need to make a crucial distinction:

You. Are. Not. Your. Thinking.

Your beliefs are not you.  Your thoughts about what’s possible, what’s not, how the world works: all of that are just the clothes that you wear right now.  You get to change them to match the occasion.  They don’t define your identity.

And when they get too small, get another set!

I have a quote on my fridge from some old Greek dude whose name I completely forgot – but man was he right:

“He blamed people for spending time at the market carefully sound-checking pots and pans they thought of buying, of trusting chance to test out life paths.”

If you put more care choosing the clothes you wear than the thoughts you think, you’re letting chance decide your life path.

Assess what you believe.

Test out different identities like you would try on new clothes.  Adjust the hemline: what would be needed for you to believe this new thought? What would be possible if you believed it?

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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