September 21, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

It’s there! I launched it!

It’s there! I launched it! The Excellent Rider podcast is available for you to listen to! 😁

Oh boy oh boy I’m so excited… (and a little terrified too ha ha! 😂)

Find it on all podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Addict...  And tell me what you thought! 🤗

Just so that you know, I started thinking of doing this podcast about a year ago.  I imagined different formats: I was going to do it with my sister (who’s also a life coach), I was going to do interviews, I was going to do in French, I was going to do it once a month…

And in the end it’s just me 😅, 20 minutes every week, in English, spilling the beans on all you need to know to get stuff done, get unstuck, feel better, find your mojo back.  Go check it out!

Doing this podcast, there were so many moments I got totally demotivated.  It will never work.  I’m not good enough. What I have to say is great but the way I say it sucks big time.  No one will be interested.  I’ll disappoint everyone.

That’s just what my brain likes to do: talk me out of stuff it doesn’t know the outcome to.

But I choose to trust that practice makes perfect 💪

I know that my podcast will help at least one person achieve their dreams because of what I shared.  And that makes it totally worth it.

Except on the worst days 🤦

On those days, nothing makes it worth it.  I’m paralyzed.

So on those days, I simply coax myself into working on it “just for 10 minutes”.

And what do you know? When I start working, I forget myself, I focus on the message, and I always produce something that’s ok.  Not great.  But something.

OK beats nothing every day of the week.

Ultimately, motivation is just a turbocharger.  You need to already be travelling at some speed for it to kick in.

You start not wanting to do the thing; then you find a little sliver of belief that gets you doing it.  Not necessarily belief that you’ll do the thing right, or that the thing is worth doing.  It can simply be belief that you want to try for 10 minutes.

When you do the thing, it creates evidence that the thing can be done; it gives you a base to improve on and all the ideas to make it better.  You prime the pump.  And slowly but surely, motivation finds you.

Remember this: motivation finds you working at your desk.

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

Download the file:

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