September 24, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

Water lily

You know that old parable of the 1 cm2 water lily that doubles in surface every day? No?

Well, it’s a 1 cm2 water lily that doubles in surface every day 😁

On day one, it covers 1 cm2 of the lake. 🙄

On day two, it covers 2 cm2.

On day four, 4 cm2.

On day five, 8 cm2.  That’s still very small. 😅

By day twenty, it covers 524,288 cm2.  Now we’re talking. 😲

On day thirty, 10x more.  💪

And on day forty, it’s covered the entire surface of a 1km x 2km lake. 😵

When you make changes in your habits: give it a little time to take effect.

Change is uncomfortable, and so you want the results to be immediate.

You want to see some results to start believing that you CAN change.

But often, the efforts required to change are linear while the results are exponential.

You have to do the same amount of something every day.  But exponential means that in the beginning, you see virtually no change.

And not much happens.

And still not much.

Yep.  Not much.


Anything yet? Nope.

And then! Suddenly – and much later than you hoped for: tremendous change.

It’s not always true, but it’s very often the case.   So keep up the daily efforts until exponential kicks in.

Because then, it gets REALLY fun.

And if you want encouragement, support, tips, and regular reminders to keep steady until you see promising results: join the fun in my 6-month program! All details are on my website.

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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