December 23, 2020

Mélanie Boucarut

Why are the last days before Xmas so stressful?

You know? Trying to get your work done including the stuff that’s on your to-do list since August and that you’ve GOT to get done if you want to be any good at your job. Frenetically preparing presents & ingredients for Xmas dinner, trying to keep cool for the kids, writing cards with one hand, with the other fixing Grand-Pa’s Skype so he can join in from his retirement home; with a foot taking care of the heater that just started leaking.

You’re frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed. Why can’t there be more time!?!

You know how when you’re excited, time flies? If you’re bored, time drags on? When stressed, no amount of time is ever enough?

That’s because (drum roll please) time is created by your feelings. And since (now trumpets!) feelings are created by your thoughts: you, my dear, are the almighty creator of the exact amount of time you need to do everything you want to do.

I’m not talking about convincing yourself you can get it done in time. That’s positive thinking, it’s toxic as eff and it doesn’t work one bit. I’m talking about feeling what you want to feel. On purpose.

It’s exactly my job to teach you how to do that. Get in touch. (If you have time).

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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