April 5, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

Why can’t I take things less personally!

You read an email from your manager and you’re so annoyed about it that you can’t concentrate for the next 2 hours. You can analyze what happened, but cannot let go of it. You mull over it, you obsess over it. It weighs you down for hours.

Are you too sensitive?

You’re not sure, but it really burdens you to be impacted that much by what should be simple interactions not to be cared about that much.

Instead, you’re in constant imbalance. A simple conversation can profoundly demotivate you, even on a good day.

You’d like to be more stable, more at ease. Confident. Able to move on to the next thing. Feeling at peace with yourself, full of motivation to do great things.

Instead of that, it feels chaotic.

You often have uncontrolled bursts of emotion: stress, sadness, frustration, anxiety, disappointment…

It takes so much energy. So much time to digest just a minor interaction. To behave in a constructive manner again.

It takes ages for you to put things into perspective. You feel overwhelmed by your feelings, you control nothing. Your emotions take over your rational thinking.


The problem is not that you are too sensitive.

It’s that you are resisting your emotions.

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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