May 28, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

Why do you want to reach the goal you’re aiming for?

I’m an avid reader of graphic novels and anything illustrated; one of my favorite manga of all times is Ikkyû (by Sakaguchi Hisashi).

It’s the story of a 15th century Japanese Buddhist monk who was both profoundly spiritual and rebellious against bullshit and unquestioned traditions, two qualities that make him quite endearing to me.

A patron asks Ikkyû: “Master, please tell me: how can I get rid of this yoke?” meaning how can I stop being this way I don’t like to be: procrastinating, hesitant, resentful, powerless, overwhelmed, not as successful as I thought I’d be, not enjoying my achievements, not as generous as I ought to be… You get the drift.

Ikkyû answers: “What will you do when you are rid of the yoke?”

I’m curious to know how you interpret this answer?

As for me, I take it as encouragement to live “from the future”: as if I had already achieved my goal. As if I already was the person I need to be in order to create the result I want to have.

Not in a delusional way. Not in a careless way. In a very intentional, focused manner, creating right here and now the experience I hope to achieve over there.

It’s a walk on a tight rope.

(but it’s great for the abs.)

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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