January 1, 2021

Mélanie Boucarut

Why is it so special to wake up on the first of the year?

Why do we have the magic feeling that this year, we’re getting that result?

It’s just another Friday. It still looks like December out there.

And yet, this morning: extra kilos? Consider them gone! Smoking? A thing of the past! Starting a company? Doing the papers as we speak!

That’s because today, we believe from the future. We don’t turn to our past to see what’s possible for us.

Remember you used to do this when you were a kid? You KNEW that one day you’d have a job, a partner, drive a car... Look at who you were back then: 130 cm tall, 22 kilos, could barely open the car door. Yet you KNEW you’d drive it someday. Consider it done!

Then as you aged, you started taking past accomplishments as the mark of what was possible for you. Now you think of yourself as “someone who doesn’t xxx” or “who’ll never xxx”.

On this special day, think like a kid again. Be the little girl who slips into way too big high heels. See yourself as a woman, effortlessly gliding with pumps on. Get ready for her. Learn how she thinks, what she does.

Do this every day this year, and on Jan 01, 2022: you’ll BE that elegant woman. And that, my friend, feels even more magic than the start of a new year.

No bad horses, only untrained riders 🐴

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