Imagine having a seasoned expert and a compassionate best friend by your side, helping you see and overcome the obstacles in your life.

A personal coach is both

I help high-achievers find the clarity, focus and direction they need to create inspiring goals, build their determination, take action and live meaningful lives.

I teach a structured, precise methodology to feel better, think clearly, and consistently take action.

During this video call, I give you a new perspective on your obstacles and share a routine that will have you create clarity and resolve in a matter of days.

Immediately after the call, you’ll feel grounded and more in control; with increased awareness of your actions, you’ll start making changes that will relieve you from indecision.  

In our video call, you’ll share about yourself and your specific situation; I’ll help you identify your limiting thoughts and give you tips to overcome them.  I’ll tell you more about my program and we’ll figure out whether it’s a good fit for you.

Not sure that coaching is the right thing for you?

Why do all great athletes and CEO have coaches? Because it works amazingly well.  Imagine having an expert by your side, helping you see and overcome the blocking patterns in your life.  You’d be missing out on your own potential not to invest in yourself that way.

Sounds great, but can’t make time to talk to a coach?

Yet you know that every time you’ve paused and prioritized, your stress levels have gone down.  Quickly and efficiently getting you to a place of clarity, inspiration, and structure is what gives me purpose and energy. I’ve been where you are now and I know exactly how overwhelmed and vulnerable this might feel – especially when trying to keep a brave face for the rest of the world.

Not sure that you will follow through if you get coached?

You've not been able to execute on your plans lately. And so naturally, you assume that it would be the same with coaching. Except that this time, you won't be alone. I'm an expert in the mechanisms that create the demotivation, defeat and apathy you're struggling with, and we'll tackle them head on. You'll learn how to create determination and energy regardless of the situation or your level of emotional fatigue.

Think that you should be able to do this alone?

And yet, look at how it's been going so far. All the things you've tried work for a few days, and then you're back at square one. Just like you would probably not cut your own hair, sometimes it makes a lot of sense to take on an expert. Besides, I'm actually going to teach you how to master these tools, so you know how to tackle your next challenges by yourself. How many more months of defeat and disappointment are you ready to face before you take the red pill?

Need time to think this through?

Clarity and confidence only come from putting the work in; certainly not from delaying a decision. Book your free 45-minute consultation and share your concerns with me. Regardless of whether you decide to work with me, you will have gotten great perspective for free. As for me, I will have learned more about how humans struggle – we’ll both have gained something of value from the call. Let me show you the indomitable determination hidden within you!

What my clients say

I was trapped in cages I built, Mélanie helped me see them and gave me tools to break free.

Sinamis Doughouz

I decided to go for coaching after facing a new job, moving to a new city and handling a breakup all at once.

Laura Gilsbach

Head of Application Development

Mélanie is a wonderful coach to work with!

Johanna Kaartinen

Studio Engineer

I have always been an overthinker.

Hanna Grochochinska

Copywriter & Storyteller

Mélanie is a wonderful Coach.

Cheima Ordasi

Functional Consultant

I would recommend anyone who feels they are not fulfilling their potential to have some sessions with Mélanie.

Mélanie helps you to feel confident and empowered in real-life situations.

Mélanie is an amazing teacher and during every single session I find myself having at least one ‘A-ha!’ moment.

Working with Mélanie helped me to change my perspective and to find my focus again. It allowed me to find a fantastic job!

You know that I normally disapprove of eating instead of embracing discomfort, but in this specific case we’ll actually go for cookies...

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